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Contact Lens Exams

During a contact lens fitting, your eye doctor will not only determine your prescription for contact lenses, but will also determine the optimal combination of material choice and shape.

A comprehensive routine eye exam must be performed prior to a contact len fitting in order for the optometrist to evaluate the health of your eyes and quality of your vision. During the process of fitting contact lenses, at times there is a need for multiple follow-up visits to ensure the contact lenses are the best possible fit for your eyes. Also, a reevaluation of your contact lens fit must be performed annually to maintain the health of your eyes and optimal vision from the corrective lenses.

We welcome patients that have not worn contact lenses previously as our staff is extremely thorough and patient in traning you how to insert, remove, and care for the lenses.

Our office currently fits contact lenses from all of the major manufacturers. Our range extends to include various specialized lenses to cater to your specific vision needs. This includes toric lenses, daily disposable lenses, daily disposible toric lenses, multifocal lenses, extended wear lenses, conventional lenses, gas permeable lenses, and colored lenses.

Please feel free to contact an assistant at our office with specific inquiries about contact lens options and availability.

We are open currently for appointments, please give our office a call at (703) 748-1366 for updated hours. Thank you.



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